Jenel Michel

Looking back at pictures of my skin to where I am now I cannot believe it. Within the past few months I’ve caught myself in the mirror thinking “oh you need to take off your makeup” — but I had no makeup on. I answered the door – when normally I would hide away because I didn’t want anyone to see my bare face. I went for groceries first thing in the morning – makeup free. I wear my hair up at work – because I’m not scared to show my cheeks anymore. All things that people with no skin issues wouldn’t even think is a big deal. You were the first doctor who actually helped my skin.  I greatly appreciated the full approach – from removing the dairy, to a new skincare routine, vitamins, and medication.  You were determined to win & I cannot tell you what that did for me. The self confidence that is damaged through acne is real.  My heart breaks for anyone going through the same circumstances, because I was there & lived it. I never thought this was possible and now that I see it is, it’s a pretty great feeling 🙂


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