I have been working with Dr. C. Demkiw-Bartel for almost a year using her skincare products. I have found her to be very professional, supportive and personal in taking care of my needs. I am a farmer therefore I spend a lot of my time outside in the elements. I am also a runner and most of my hobbies involve outside activity.
When I first started the program I found it a bit overwhelming with all the steps involved in the skincare process.Once I overcame this and started to understand how the product works, my program now is part of my morning and evening routine. I absolutely love the products and am very satisfied with the results. Working with Dr. Demkiw-Bartel has been a great experience. She views my skin as hers, which gives the experience a very personal touch. I have since started using her cosmetic line and they are great!I highly recommend this experience to anyone. It is beautiful

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